Startups and Corporations - new trends to collaborate?

This report shows the trends in innovations entering the market and relationships between startups and corporations - how important they perceive each other, whether they are willing to collaborate and what steps they are ready to undertake.

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Popular startups


We are building a global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication service using our reliable nano-satellites (7 years of flight heritage). We will launch our first satellite next summer as a demonstration mission and then rapidly scale up to 64 satellites. Our customers will be able to track and monitor their assets anywhere around the globe with miniaturized and inexpensive communication terminals. The data subscription plans we will offer are expected to of few dollars per year for each device.


Box of freedom - инновационная компания, предлагающая Вашему вниманию торговые и бизнес модули на основе морских контейнеров. Мы первые в России строим и проектируем большие конструкции - бизнес-центры, гостиничные комплексы и рестораны. Срок реализации подобного проекта от двух недель до трех месяцев. За короткий срок вы получите готовый к эксплуатации офис, магазин, кафе, оснащенные всеми необходимыми коммуникациями - водой, канализацией, отоплением, электричеством.


Flashsafe - USB key which transmit your data to the cloud server with end-to-end encryption and preserve the anonymity of the user.